Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA), an autonomous body under the Ministry of Women and Child Development is mandated to:

§ Facilitate the adoption of Indian children
§ Maintain database of adoptable children
§ Create awareness on adoption
§ Monitor & regulate in country & inter country adoption

CARING: CARA has developed a web based management information system which facilitate expeditious and smooth adoption process across the country at one online platform. It ensures transparency in the adoption process with increased accountability of implementing agencies. This system follows a network of stakeholders towards improved synergy which maintain a National Database to enable effective policy making and research on the issue of adoption.

The CARING MIS is a Comprehensive Online Information for facilitation, dynamic Online Monitoring with a user-friendly Information Access for entire adoption process.

The entire entry database comprises two major component which includes details of adoptable children and prospective parents who are willing to adopt these children at one platform.

For adoptable children it covers the availability of children, profile with photograph, health status, developmental milestones, and education and legally free for adoption status for them.

At the other hand about prospective adoptive parents waiting list, profile of parents, motivation to adopt a child and preferences

The CARING provides various advantage to different functionaries at various level. This has user interface for CARA, SARA and SAA. For CARA it helps in accessing to agency data, central dossier system for inter-country adoptions, issue of NOC and Post adoption reports. Whereas for EFAA / CA it gives status track and post adoption services.

At the state level all RIPA / SAA will be registered with CARA. This help in maintain details of children in home, adoptable children, profile of parents, adoptions under process, completed adoptions and post adoption reports. Overall CARINGS facilitates pre-adoption information to parents, registration, status tracking, matching of child, viewing of adoptive child by prospective parents, and acceptance of child.

One of the major advantage of CARING is this that it gives dynamic online monitoring adoption process with post adoption follow up for each children. Being a user-friendly Information Access it is also helpful in real time dashboards, detailed reports and statistics for research & analysis

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Adoption in Uttar Pradesh :

Issues of adoption of children has been given paramount attention by GoUP. The state is first among the state whose Recognised Indian Placement Agency (RIPA) and Specialised Adoption Agencies (SAA) are registered with CARING. At present there are 21 SAA including one RIPA is operational in Uttar Pradesh. All the SAA are being provided with organizational UserID and Password. The directorate has been also provided with State level UserID and password which helps in regular monitoring of scheme from the state level and ensure timebound reporting to CARA.

The directorate has ensured the entry of the details of all those children who are in future will be given for adoption. Various directions have been issued by Govt. for regularly Updation of details of children staying in all SAA. Special attention have been given to the children with special need through providing treatment and due care as required. The directorate in its various communications has given direction to all SAA for ensuring transparency and expediting the process of adoption. One of the major issues while dealing with issue of adoption is declaring free for adoption of children which has been given regular attention by the department. All the concerned DPO have been also instructed to ensure that cases in which children have to declare free for adoption by concerned Child Welfare Committee should be expedited. Following are the details of children who have given for adoption in last 5 years.