Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS)

In 2006, the Ministry of Women and Child Development (MWCD) proposed the adoption of the Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS). In 2009, the Central Government gave its approval to this scheme and has started a comprehensive work of providing safety and safe environment for children to grow and thrive. The plan aims to provide children in difficult situations, as well as to reduce the risks and vulnerabilities in children in various situations and actions that lead children to abuse, neglect, exploitation, abandonment and isolation.
The specific objectives of the scheme are:
1. Institutionalize essential services and strengthen structures
2. To increase capacity on all systems and individuals involved in service delivery
3. Building a database and knowledge base for child protection services
4. Strengthening child protection at the family and community level
5. Coordinate and network with government institutions and non-governmental institutions to ensure effective implementation of the scheme
6. To raise public awareness about child rights, child vulnerability and child protection services.
Within the care, support and rehabilitation services the scheme will provide CHILDLINE services, provide family-based solutions through shelter, sponsorship, foster care, adoption and improvement of care services for needy children in urban and semi-urban areas, General grant-in-aid for institutional reform services, and need-based / innovative interventions. The plan within the statutory support services calls for the strengthening of the CWC, JJB, SJPU, as well as to establish these services in each district. In addition ICPS underscores the need for human resource development for consulting services, training and capacity building, strengthening the knowledge base, operating, managing and managing child study systems, advocacy and public education programs and monitoring is. Evaluation of the plan.

To meet the objectives and approaches of the ICPS, the plan also calls for the establishment of new bodies within a delivery services framework.
 At the national level are:
1. Children's India Foundation- Headquarters Child Protection Division at National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development (NIPCCD)
2. Central Adoption Resource Agency (CARA)
 At the regional level are:
1. Child Protection Division at four regional centers of National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development (NIPCCD) 2. Four Regional Centers of Childline Foundation (CIF)
 At the state level:
1. State Child Protection Society (SCPS)
2. State Adoption Resource Agency (SARA)
3. State Child Protection Committee (SCPC)
4. State Adoption Advisory Committee
 At the district level:
1. District Child Protection Society (DCPS)
2. District Child Protection Committee (DCPC)
3. Sponsorship and Foster Care Approval Committee (SFCAC)
 Block and Village level are:
1. Block Level Child Protection Committee
2. Village Level Child Protection Committee