India is home to more than 400 million children below the age of 18 years, and is considered one of the countries in which youth and children comprise more than 55% of the population. These children represent diverse cultures, religions, castes, communities & social and economic groups.

The Government of Uttar Pradesh is undoubtedly committed to doing its best for children. However, despite its best efforts, there are innumerable children who are subjected to exploitation and atrocities of various kinds. Moreover, a significant number of children go ‘missing’ every year. These cases of missing children represent a conglomeration of a number of problems, including abductions/kidnappings by family members, abductions/kidnappings carried out by non-family members or strangers, children who run away on their own or are forced to run away due to compelling circumstances in their families and extended surroundings, children who face unfriendly and hostile environment and are asked to leave home or who are abandoned, children who are trafficked or smuggled or exploited for various purposes, and children who are lost or injured. Undoubtedly, each of these groups of children exemplifies different social problems. Since, as a group, missing children -- are so heterogeneous, there is no adequate data or consistently applied set of definitions to describe them. In addition, many cases of missing children are not reported to the police at all for various reasons, and police involvement in the resolution of different kinds of cases varies widely across the country. All this poses a serious problem.

Govt. of Uttar Pradesh is successfully implementing Integrated Child Protection Scheme in the State. One of the major area of intervention of the scheme is also focus missing children. A dedicated national online webportal “TrackChild 1.0” has been development by Ministry of Women and Child Development, Govt. of India in consultation with National informatics Centre, New Delhi. The website has detailed and indepth analysis of missing and tracked children coming in contact with the State. The Directorate of Women Welfare has ensured entry of recovered children who are presently staying in different Child Care Institutions in the state into TrackChild initiative managed by MWCD.